Derma Anti-infective for Pharma Franchise –  Canbro Healthcare comes in the leading derma company in India that is well known in the delivery of the best of its kind derma care products. All the superior quality products are available in Canbro Healthcare. We have many ranges available in which one of the famous ones is Derma Anti-infective for the pharma franchise. Most people especially those who are starting their business always begin with this range. We are offering the pharma distribution dealings opportunity in the Derma range for the distribution dealers. So come and collaborate with Canbro Healthcare for the distribution dealings.

Canbro Healthcare is the association that is all in the air due to its standard quality product portfolio. We have an extensive category in the derma care range that includes every choice of products of demanding customers. The range of Derma Anti-infective for the pharma franchise is the one that is more demanded by the Canbro healthcare customers. The name of Canbro Healthcare comes under the leading name of the industries who are all known for its quality of the branded products. Our affiliation provides you the opportunity of the products that helps the dealers to build a successful derma Business.

Get the Best Derma opportunity in the Anti-infective range

In the goal to increase the derma product opportunity at the PAN India level, we are offering the derma dealings opportunities in the different areas of India. Owing to this mission the reach and visibility of the derma products in the needed areas will be more effective and convenient than the earlier ones. We are considered the best derma company when it comes to the range of the derma product and all the ranges that are related to skincare. We are best in offering every kind of service to our dealers whether it comes to monopoly rights or the facility of promotional tools everything will be on point in the dealing business.

Have a look at facts that made you think about the dealership option with our association.

  • Expert support

We will provide expert support to the dealers of the derma franchise range. All the dealers that get the availability of the products with our association are given the expert support and new updation after every new launch of the product.

  • Monopoly based derma franchise

The business that is included the monopoly unique rights is more profitable than the rest of other franchise business dealings. The reason behind this is the facility and preference given on a personal basis to the pharma franchise dealers.

  • Promotional tools benefits

The facility of the promotional tools is the best of its kind because if it will be there in the marketing dealing set up of the derma dealers then the dealing process will be more easiest way then the facility of this having not. So make sure the company you are going to select that is providing the derma promotional opportunity for the helping hand of the derma dealer.

A product for every need of the customer

We take full care of the customers that want to make their skin more flawless with each passing day. So we keep into consideration the choice of every type of customer so that we can make the possibility of the all demanded products by the customers. We have 150+ products that are marketed in the market and 50+ products in under the process. Our products include all the ranges like lotions, face wash, cream, sunscreen, ointment, and serum as well.

We are the one that provides the authentic derma products range all over the area. We are the best in the derma range franchise business.

Following are some facts about our company

  • DCGI product list will be provided in all the dealings process from the anti-infective one to the other one.
  • GMP-WHO company that manufactures all the products under the certification of these standards.
  • We are giving safe and justified skin solutions that can make the possibility of the best skin conditioning.
  • All the items are in the reasonable product category list that needs no much money to purchase the products.

Authentic Anti-infective Derma list

The products of our affiliation are the ones that keep the potential of curing all kinds of ailments. We have the all kinds of ranges are available in the category list but the famous one that is the anti-infective is given below

  • NADIX 

It is a kind of medicine that works as an anti-infective one, the main work of this medication is to interrupt the action of the bacterial enzyme that is called DNA gyrase. This protects the cells of bacteria from the process of divination and killing them.

  • FUZIC 

It is the other kind of anti-infective medication that helps in bacterial skin infections such as infected dermatitis and impetigo. It stops the growth of the causative microorganisms.


This is also the kind of medication that is prescribed for impetigo. It stops the production of essential proteins that helps in the growth of bacterial surveillance.

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